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Sansi Sanchuang Eternal Development

—— To become "China's MTS" is our corporate vision

Shanghai Xinbiao Testing Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive professional testing instrument manufacturer specializing in R&D, production, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales technical services. Sansi Eternal Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. acquired the technical R&D team, management team and sales team of Shanghai Xinbiao Testing Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2018. "Shanghai Xinbiao Instrument" was established in 2009 as a professional R&D And manufacturer of production material performance testing equipment, mainly involved: electronic universal testing machine, hydraulic universal testing machine, coating thickness gauge and metallographic consumables three series of products. Since the establishment of Sansi Yongheng Company in 2018, it has launched a brand new Sansi Yongheng brand series of products, mainly involving: CMT series electronic universal, SHT series hydraulic universal, CTT series torsion testing machine, ZBC series plastic special machine, MTY series dynamic fatigue testing machine, main products Used in rubber, plastic, metallurgy, iron, steel, wire, cable and other fields; application industries include automobiles, mobile phones, electronic appliances, medical, photovoltaic, paper, textile, road and bridge, aviation, aerospace, scientific research institutions, inspection and quarantine and other industries .
Sansi Yongheng Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. has strong technical strength, has successively passed the ISO9001 system certification and CE certification, and has obtained a "manufacturing measurement instrument license" and a "measurement instrument form approval certificate" of 0.5 level higher than the national standard. , Products comply with ISO, ASTM, DIN, JIS, LIS, AATCC, PSTC, GB, CNS, BS, UL, IEC, VDE, CSA, HG, TAPPI, DRAFT, CEN and other testing standards.
The company implements the ISO9001 quality management system, and all departments implement 5S standardization management. The products follow the production process from processing to production. The production and manufacturing of each part of the product can be traced back to ensure the timely delivery of all equipment; the company is dust-free In the standard test and inspection center, all parts and components must be strictly inspected and tested before entering the warehouse to reach the production and assembly workshop. The product quality control meets the requirements of ISO9001 quality management and has won widespread recognition from domestic and foreign customers. 
The company's goal is to "contribute to the convenience and happiness of the material and spirit of all employees while contributing to the development and progress of human society". After several years of development, employees' personal capabilities and income have been greatly improved. People-oriented, simple and efficient, and a warm management model makes every employee full of vitality. The company has achieved impressive results, and introduced international advanced technology to upgrade its existing products in all directions. At present, the company has established a software controller company, tooling and fixture company, and fatigue testing machine company. Customer first, with the spirit of altruism and dedicated service to every customer is our corporate mission. It is our corporate vision to create "MTS in China".

Company culture

While pursuing both material and spiritual happiness of all employees, it also contributes to the development and progress of human society

  • Business philosophy

    Colleagues are happy, customers are satisfied, and management is successful
  • Core value

    Honesty, pursuit of the ultimate, unity and cooperation
  • Spirit

    Make everyone's life extraordinary
  • Corporate vision

    Turn the company into China's MTS
  • Business purpose

    Create value for customers and partners, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society and shareholders
  • Our Mission

    Provide high-quality complete solutions for each customer
  • Atmosphere

    Efficient work, happy life, endless struggle

Qualification honor



  • 2009

    Set sail Shanghai Xinbiao Testing Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was formally registered and established

  • 2010

    Growth approval was passed by the Municipal Bureau of "Measuring Instruments License", "Measuring Instruments Form Approval Certificate"

  • 2011

    Jingjin successfully passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification

  • 2012

    Liangjian equipment has successfully entered the field of multi-benchmarking in universities, auto parts and fasteners.

  • 2013

    Fengmang's series of products appeared on the scene of well-known exhibitions in Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Chongqing

  • 2014

    Leapfrog Electrolytic Thickness Gauge series products are our ace products, currently belong to the top domestic brands, all parameters meet the requirements of similar international products, and the market share reaches more than 45%.

  • 2015

    Takeoff has achieved mass production of universal testing machines, with sales up by 100% year-on-year

  • 2016

    Innovation For fishing gear manufacturers, a special testing machine for fishing gear was developed. The market responded enthusiastically and was interviewed and reported by the “Happy Fishing” column group of Hunan TV Station, with a market share of 70%.

  • 2017

    Sharp Change Build a production base in Ningbo, Zhejiang, create a new brand of "Sansi Yongheng" and establish Sansi Yongheng Technology (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. to realize the first export of a full set of metal mechanical equipment in Malaysia.

  • 2018

    Sansi Eternal's full range of CMT series electronic universals, SHT series hydraulic universals, CTT series torsion testing machines, and ZBC series plastic special planes are launched, winning the bid for "Manhole Cover Fatigue Testing Machine" of Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau

  • 2019

    Set up a software controller company, foreign trade department, dynamic fatigue business department, tooling and jig business department;

  • 2020

    Mobilize 2020 and win 2021 Development plan officially implemented

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