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Worry-free service and support

San Siheng, an experienced team, provides lifecycle management for all your test systems and is committed to maximizing the uptime and operational efficiency of your test systems. From pre-installation to equipment deactivation, every moment, Sansi Eternal's expertise will maintain your test equipment, and have service solutions that meet your needs for test plan predictability, data integrity, system performance optimization, and budget management.

  • Engineering service

    Sansi Eternal provides a full set of professional engineering and technical services, including system engineering, test consulting and equipment design services. Sansi Eternal experts will listen to your test objectives, analyze your situation and translate your needs into specific system requirements. Using years of practical application expertise, Sansi Eternal will design a reasonable solution that meets your testing needs and operating conditions. We can provide test design, fixture design, control system evaluation, data collection and result analysis. By referring to the best test laboratory practices in the world, Sansi Eternal can help you design test equipment, including hydraulic distribution systems, and make recommendations for your laboratory 's long-term investment plan to support your business growth strategy or research plan.
  • Field Service

    Sansi Eternal has established the most rugged test solution available, but constant movement and force applied to the specimens will eventually damage them. Our field service engineers are recognized in many fields due to the application of professional technology, and will provide support or repairs quickly and efficiently according to your requirements. Sansi Eternal can also help in the installation or movement of laboratory equipment. Our service team can help you dismantle the machine correctly, package and transport it, and install it in a new location. In addition, we provide consumables and spare parts for the new generation of Sansi Eternal equipment and most of the existing systems.
  • Training program

    The Sansi Eternal Training Program is designed to improve operator efficiency and optimize system performance. Guided proficiently and fully customizable, this course provides hands-on instruction to ensure that your staff are thoroughly familiar with your test system and understand how to operate it effectively. In addition to a large number of standard courses, Sansiheng can also customize courses to meet your specific laboratory needs, and can provide training in our training center or your workplace.
  • Calibration and coaxiality correction

    All test laboratories must calibrate their test equipment to help ensure accurate data. Sansi Eternal provides the best quality, officially recognized calibration services. We can complete the calibration at your location or in our factory metrology laboratory. We also provide a range of services, including load frame coaxiality correction services, designed to minimize data differences.
  • Upgrade solution

    As technology improves, upgrading is usually the most economical way to expand the capabilities of your laboratory and extend the life of existing test equipment. Sansi Eternal provides upgrades and replacements for all areas of your test system: mechanical components, controllers and software. Our "Software Maintenance Upgrade and Support" agreement makes it easy to stay in sync with rapidly changing software technologies. During the term of your contract, you will automatically receive all software updates included in your contract.
  • service advantage

    Provide a full range of training and technical support services throughout the life cycle of Sansi Eternal Products; technical service personnel located in multiple countries provide technical support services to customers.
    Respond to support service requests around the world; unique engineering solutions and response speed (respond to user complaints within 4 hours, arrive at the user site within two days and troubleshoot in time).
  • Service cycle

    Sansi Eternal provides 1 year free warranty and lifetime maintenance
    (Only parts and accessories fees and maintenance fees are charged outside the warranty period).
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