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  • The power light of the device is off, the device cannot move up and down?
    Check whether the power line connected to the test machine is connected properly, check whether the emergency stop switch is in the twisted state; check whether the power supply voltage connected to the test machine is normal.
  • We are a quality inspection unit. At the end of July, we will participate in the national metal industry capacity comparison. We require GB / T228.1-2010 new standards and full strain control for tensile tests. Our equipment can be upgraded.
    Hello, this is no problem. The new standard requires full strain control. The extensometer strain is used to control the elastic and yield sections, and the hardening and necking sections are controlled by displacement strain. If the equipment has an extensometer, the software and standard are upgraded at the same time. It can be completed and meets the requirements of the new standard. For details, please contact our local service center. This upgrade needs to be completed at the equipment site and software training!
  • Can our test machine software be upgraded?
    Our company's current software is the latest software version. If the software version used by your company is low, we provide online or on-site service upgrades.
  • Hello, our company is a plastics production enterprise. The products used to be hard plastics. The extensometer was used to calculate the elongation. Now we are producing soft plastics with large elongation.
    Hello, the extensometer has a limited range of deformation measurement. Plastics with large elongation need to be measured with large deformation. Your company can purchase our large deformation. Our company will send engineers to install and debug. Division testing personnel do test training!
  • Hello, I am a quality inspection agency. Due to the expansion of the unit, I need to add a few more tests. Can the equipment meet the new tests?
    Hello, I just read the test request you sent me. The equipment and software can fully meet the requirements of the new test. You only need to add new standards and new test methods to the software. The local service engineer will contact you to send you the standards and test methods. Follow the instructions to import into the software can!
  • Hello, our company has your company's CMT4204 model, equipped with a set of manual wedge jigs and a set of pneumatic jigs, which set of tests will have higher accuracy?
    Hello! As long as the two fixtures are suitable for the material being tested, the material will not be damaged during blessing, and the measured results are the same. However, pneumatic clamps are more convenient, and more materials can be measured.
  • Hello, our company purchased a CMT5305 model of your company, equipped with a hydraulic jig, and the curve fell out during the test. How to deal with it!
    Hello! You can check from several aspects:
    1. Whether the jaws of the clamp are worn, because the jaws are consumables. If the jaw teeth are worn, please replace them in time.
    2. Whether the clamping pressure of the hydraulic oil source is adjusted enough, there is a pressure gauge on the oil source, please adjust the corresponding pressure according to the load of the sample.
    3. Molybdenum disulfide extreme pressure grease should be frequently sprayed between the hydraulic clamp and the slider.
    4. Whether the two fixing bolts of the clamp guide key are compact.
    5. Whether the sample is firmly held, the clamping length of the sample should be greater than or equal to 3/4 of the jaw length. If the above check still cannot be resolved, please contact our customer service department to send an engineer to handle it on site.
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