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The sunshine is warm, not negative for time, moving forward all the way, the future is promising! The 2023 Sansi Eternal Group Building Tourism has come to a successful end!


To thank all partners for their unremitting efforts in the development of the company, allowing everyone to relax appropriately, enhancing friendship among colleagues, and enhancing team cohesion, the company organized a heartwarming group building tourism activity from April 15 to April 16, 2023. A group of people, one thing, one heart. Each partner was very awesome. They gathered at 7 am and started on time. On the bus, our lovely children contributed a lot of joy. Our first stop was the Jiangnan Ancient Great Wall, which was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and serves as a city wall with dual functions of military defense and flood control. The city wall of Taizhou Prefecture has a long history, also known as the Jiangnan Great Wall or the Jiangnan Badaling Mountains. It is also the inheritance of local unique culture, giving people a sense of solidity and stability.

After touring the Jiangnan Great Wall and Ziyang Street, the company thoughtfully prepared local cuisine for everyone, and their appetite improved after exercising.

After enjoying the perfect meal, we set off to the 576 team building base, with a blue sky, clear weather, green grass, and spring breeze. Team building gatherings, active running, parent-child interaction, and enjoying beautiful times. This team building activity invited a coach who is both handsome and intelligent. The coach has arranged many interesting games and entertainment projects for us, including real-life CS, which everyone thinks is the most fun project. Each partner is still unsatisfied and doesn't want to leave even after the bullets are fired. This game makes everyone feel that in order to achieve their goals, they need to be indomitable and dare to fight. Off road karts inspire many male colleagues to challenge themselves; The project inspires people's hearts and requires the concerted cooperation of each partner, making everyone feel the importance of teamwork and working together to make success possible; Not only has it enhanced everyone's ability to collaborate and cooperate, but it also enhances mutual communication among various departments. Let's watch the wonderful performances of our friends!















The exciting team building activity throughout the afternoon allowed me to experience what is moving and what is unity. Let me see different people and cohesive people. Usually, we all work in the company with just a smile, a greeting, and a greeting. There is little understanding between each other. Through this team building activity, we have enhanced everyone's emotions and cultivated a spirit of cooperation.

After a delicious dinner, the friends returned to the hotel to rest and look forward to the beautiful scenery of the next day: the Immortal Residence.

After breakfast, take the bus to the national 5A level scenic spot - Shenxianju Scenic Area - the popular online check-in Ruyi Bridge, known as the "Zhejiang Unique" and "Natural Oxygen Bar", with a maximum negative oxygen ion content of 89000 per cubic centimeter; Standing between the waterfalls and springs, and the beautiful waters of the sacred mountains. The mountains around the Immortal Residence are towering and independent, extremely steep, and cut apart like a few swords and axes from other mountains. They are completely different and unique, towering and outstanding. The secluded immortal residence integrates dangerous peaks, secluded valleys, beautiful forests, and strange waterfalls, with a total area of 15.8 square kilometers. The designers of the Immortal Residence are very thoughtful, with not only cable cars but also elevators to reach the top of the mountain. It is truly the most humanized scenic spot.

The two-day and one-night team building activity has come to a successful end. I believe everyone has had a pleasant and unforgettable time. Here, on behalf of the company, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone. Thank you for your active cooperation and participation in this event! Through this team building activity, we not only enhanced our communication with each other, but more importantly, established a close cooperative relationship. In the event, we jointly completed various team challenges, cooperated, encouraged, and helped each other, demonstrating the cohesion and combat effectiveness of our team.

Finally, I would like to thank every employee who participated in the team building activity, as well as the organizers and staff for their hard work. I hope this team building activity can serve as a support for the better development and growth of our company, and I also hope that we will continue to maintain a spirit of unity, collaboration, and innovation in our future work, creating new achievements for the company's future development!

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