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Welcome Mr. Zhang Guiren to join the Sansi Eternal team


Expert leadership promotes growth and lives up to Shaohua's common development. Since March 2023, Mr. Zhang Guiren, former member of Shanghai Institute of Metrology and Testing Technology, member of the National Standards Committee and member of the National Strength and Hardness Measurement Technical Committee, has joined the Sansi Eternal Team.

In order to further improve the quality of the company's testing machine products and manufacture products that do not cause trouble to customers, our company specially hired Mr. Zhang Guiren to improve the quality inspection specifications of our testing machine, train and guide the quality inspection of quality inspection personnel, train sales personnel in the national standard professional knowledge of related products, and at the same time do product verification for our universal tensile testing machine, hydraulic press, torsion machine, plastic pendulum impact testing machine and other products, providing valuable suggestions for our company. Thank you very much for Mr. Zhang Guiren's affirmation of our work, the company will continue to challenge to higher goals as always, and always put the interests of customers first.

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